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Probate Administration

Probate administration is the process where the assets of a person who has died are collected and administered by the personal representative. The personal representative is sometimes called the executor. Basically, the personal representative serves as the manager of the property and money of the person who died.

In Arizona, probate administration is a several step process. The personal representative gives required notices, collects the assets, pays the debts of the person who died and provides financial reports to the beneficiaries or heirs. The personal representative then disburses what is leftover to the beneficiaries listed in the Last Will and Testament. If the person died without a Will (intestate), the personal representative will disburse the leftover assets to the person’s spouse and/or heirs.

Probate can involve complicated legal issues. It is generally helpful to have an experienced probate attorney guide you through the process.

The Administration Probate Process

Watch this video to learn more about the probate process in Arizona:

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