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Probate & Estate Law

The Scottsdale, Arizona estate and trust lawyers at Berk & Moskowitz, P.C. offer a broad range of trust and estate lawyer services involving wills, probate, inheritance, trusts and elder law, including:

Probate, Estate & Trust Law - Berk & Moskowitz, P.C.

Estate disputes, disagreements, litigation and arbitration: A last will and testament is supposed to involve a deliberate complete process whereby someone of sound mind sets forth their true wishes for their property upon death. Sometimes, those wishes are disregarded, vague, misconstrued, misunderstood, tampered with, disregarded or disputed. We provide valuable assistance to personal representatives and/or beneficiaries to address a wide variety of probate conflicts. Our firm handles virtually all types of will contests and estate and probate disputes. We will endeavor to identify and give full force to the person’s true wishes. With compassion and respect, our Arizona estate litigation attorneys will do their best to try to help you achieve justice.

Elder law-exploitation and/or abuse of vulnerable adults: Sadly, adults are sometimes abused, neglected or exploited (stolen from) by their caregivers, friends and even family. Our firm vigorously investigates and pursues such claims. If you have been wrongfully accused of such misconduct, we can aggressively try to help you defend yourself and clear your name.

Trust disputes, litigation and arbitration: Our trust and estate attorneys are here to try to help you in trust disagreements. We provide comprehensive and valuable representation to deal with disputes over whether a trust is valid, the interpretation of a trust, the trustee’s administration and many others.

Probate administration: The probate administration process can be complicated, confusing and stressful. We try to give personal representatives peace of mind and help avoid the stress of dealing with probate administration. We assist personal representatives (executors) and/or beneficiaries in the probate administration process, including to work through and defend creditor claims, prosecute claims against third-parties, identify and recover estate assets, identify beneficiaries, interpret the last will and testament, file reports with the Court and much more. We know other professionals that are often important to probate administration, such as tax attorneys, accountants, investment advisers, real estate agents and insurance agents.

Trust administration: Trust administration sometimes involves complicated issues and tasks, such as asset and investment management, financial reporting and accounting, taxes, beneficiary claims and others. We provide support for trustees to assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary duties.  We can assist you in hiring other professionals that may be helpful to administer a trust, including tax attorneys, accountants, investment advisers, real estate agents and others.

Guardianship/Conservatorship: A guardian (to handle health and welfare decisions) or conservator (to handle assets and finances) may be appointed in Arizona for an adult who is incapacitated.  When a dispute arises over the appointment of a guardian or conservator or the management of a guardianship or conservatorship, we may be able to help.  We work to assure that a guardianship or conservatorship is imposed only when it is truly necessary and proper under Arizona law.  We can assist in seeking the appointment of a guardian or conservator for an adult who cannot handle his or her own affairs, as well as the administration of a guardianship and/or conservatorship.

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Our experienced Scottsdale, Arizona estate and probate attorneys represent personal representatives (executors), trustees, beneficiaries and/or heirs in various matters. We are capable negotiators and experienced litigators, not afraid to go to court when it is in your best interest. We are committed to giving each client personalized attention and care.

Oftentimes, in the context of a probate or estate matter, other issues arise.  If so, we have helpful experience in other areas of the law, such as the following:

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